All our boots are very carefully sourced and sorted to give our customers the best quality, design and style. Each pair is individually photographed and sized, This is to ensure the perfect fit and that the boots you receive is the pair you see.

These boots are vintage and used, their condition is pristine. Someone already did all of the hard work of wearing them in, giving them the perfect look and feel. Another great thing about vintage boots is their construction, they were built to last, Not like boots today that will barely last a season vintage boots were built to last over lifetimes.

That is what makes our particular collection of vintage boots so special, their history as much as their future.

Nothing beats the comfort and look of a pair of good vintage western boots.

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Deciding What Kind of Boot to Get

The first step is to decide what kind of cowboy boot to look for. After all, cowboy boots come in different styles, sizes, and materials. The decision is partly a matter of personal preference and on the intended use for the boots. Keeping mind that whether the boots are men's or women's boots does not matter much, so long as they fit the wearer, as the classic cowboy boot design is typically close to unisex,

How to choose a vintage boot

Once the buyer knows what kind of cowboy boot to look for, it is time to actually choose among possible boots. There are three basic things to look for: quality, condition, and fit. Of course, the boots have to look nice, too. Learning to care for them properly keeps them looking nice and extends the wearable life of the boot.


Materials used to Make Cowboy Boots

The traditional material for the uppers of cowboy boots is cowhide leather. Cowhide is durable, attractive, and breathes well, and it is relatively affordable. Cowhide is usually the best option for work boots. For fashion boots, there are a number of other options, such as snakeskin and any of several types of ostrich leather. Some boots are even made of synthetic materials, but most of these are of poor quality


Look for Quality

One of the advantages of vintage cowboy boots is that they are more likely to be of good quality. A well-made cowboy boot can last for decades when properly cared for, while a lesser boot for the same price and fail after only a few months. Look particularly for whether the boots are bench made; most vintage boots are. The seller should know whether the boots are bench made, but the type of stitching attaching the sole to the upper is also a good sign to look for.

Buying Vintage Cowboy Boots with Confidence

A pair of vintage cowboy boots is a great investment. Older boots are generally of hand make and consist of real leather. Moreover, because a high quality pair of cowboy boots can last for decades of hard use, the fact that the boots may have a few years under their heels already is not much of a problem. The intention of some boots is work, while some for fashion, but there is a lot of overlapping between the two groups. In either case, cowboy boots need cleaning and proper conditioning periodically, in order to keep them at their best for many more years.

Styles and Shape of Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots vary somewhat in both the shape of the toe and in the shape and size of the heel. For work boots, higher heels and narrower toes are better for riding, while lower heels and square or rounded toes are better for working out of the saddle. Intermediate styles work well for a mix of activities. For fashion boots, the decision is more a question of personal preference. In either case, a cowboy boot should always be comfortable to wear.